Date:  5.10- 10.10. 2010   Rallye SAN REMO  2010  

One of the most famous names from the World Rally Championship uses the well-known mountain roads above the glamorous town of Sanremo. The event traditionally opens with some long night stages on Thursday, adding yet another thrilling dimension to the IRC.

Weather forecast:       Temp: 23-26C,  10 % rain. 

Shakedown: here

  Rally San Remo 2010   for this event you don't need IRC 2010 licence!!!


Rusults:   Rally had all tarmac surfaces, dry damp and wet  Sometime was difficult choose the best tyres. Best choice and best driver was Grgurina Roby    from CROATIA.with new Fiesta. Congratulation! He says" I managed to finish for a change, but went off and needed help. Stefan has to screw up bigtime to lose the win. Tanks for rally and see you next time!