24.2. 2010

Before Rally Curitiba I put a few questions to leaders.

You took the podium in Monte Carlo 2010. Was it surprise for you?
PIEKARSKI Andrej says: Yes, it was very surprising for me. If all drivers did well in Monte I couldn't be on the podium.
Robi  Grgurina
says: The win really was a suprise, because I didn't expect so many mistakes from favourites.
VILUMSONS Rinalds: Well, my target was podium (or even win), but I am happy with result.                                                 

We didnít split all points in Monte, because most drivers didnít finish. Will you go flat out on Curitiba, or safe driving?
PIEKARSKI Andrej says: I don't feel well on gravel so I will drive very, very safe.
Robi  Grgurina
says: I will start safe and see how it goes. If there will be a close fight I will push a little bit more.
I will go as fast as I can. Of course all depends on situation. But I will always push to te limit.

Rally Curitiba should be dry gravel. Expect you, you will take podium place again?
PIEKARSKI Andrej says: I just want to finish in Brazil. This rally will be for me very difficult and if I will be on the finish, I could be in top 5 my class - N4.
Robi  Grgurina
says: Since it will be dry, there will probably be less mistakes and closer fights than on the first rally. I hope I will end up on podium, I will do my best!

What you mean. Who will be first in Brazilia?
PIEKARSKI Andrej says: For sure, I have no idea! There is a lot of very fast drivers. In my class the most dangerous probably should be Koks Martin.

Robi  Grgurina says: Makinen, Blatnik, Ostrovsky and Popov all have a good chance, the one with the least mistakes will win.
Robi, is fast...but maybe he was lucky because of the surface ? There are many fast drivers, it is hard to tell who will win.


30.1. 2010 after Rally Monte carlo winners said:

Winner Robi Grgurina: " I nearly ended like Witman, so I am very happy to be on the finish. Great job organizers!"

Andrzej Piekarski:  "Yeah, this rally was so difficult but, yes, I'm here, on the finish in monte carlo. Thanks to all drivers and IRC making-team! Good job!     

Rinald Vilumsons: "Finished with broken car, but I'm very happy about finish"  


12.1. 2010

New season is coming! Before Rally Monte Carlo I put a few questions to Toms Caguls from Latvia, Robi Grgurina from Croatia and Peter Liimatainen from Finland

What is your plane for new season?
Toms Caguls:  I fight in the Top 3
Robi  Grgurina:   My plan is to have fun, please spectators with a lot sideways action, and of course, come to the finish line of all rallys.  II didn't think about first places so far. There are some very fast drivers like  MAKINEN Tommi, BLATNIK Primoz and OSTROVSKY Milan from which I expect strong performance.
Peter Liimatainen:   I just try to finish most of the rallies, hopefully with some good times.

Will you attack first positions in all rallyes, or you are not prefer absolutely flat out in all rallyes?
Toms Caguls:  Yes I attack how imposible
Robi  Grgurina:   It would be nice to be in top 3 in S2000 class.
Peter Liimatainen:  I try to go fast as i can but i dont think that my speed will be enough, but I try.

Which car did you choose and why?
Toms Caguls:  I will choise Subaru N12, because ss who is meny turn N12 is faster!
Robi  Grgurina:   I've chosen Ford Fiesta S2000 because it is easy to drive and I have a lot of experience with it.
Peter Liimatainen:   Peugeot 207, it just looks nice with my teams painting :) Its fast in real

Monte Carlo can be very slippery with ice on tarmac, are you afraid of that.
Toms Caguls:  No I push hard very very!
Robi  Grgurina:   No not at all.
Peter Liimatainen:   No, it feels good to slide.

What do you like, dry tarmac or wet or ice tarmac?
Toms Caguls:  Yee like dry!
Robi  Grgurina:   I like all kinds of tarmac.
Peter Liimatainen:  Everything will be ok.

What do you think about REAL IRC drivers list?
Toms Caguls:  It's ok, but need more drivers
Robi  Grgurina: As I have already mentioned, there are some fast drivers I have already driven against. I expect close fights throughout the season. I was surprised that the registration stopped so early, though.
Peter Liimatainen:   Havent seen it but hope that Hšnninen will be this years king.